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StreamPilot OTO: StreamPilot, a Live Stream Social Sales App that allows anyone to turn their profiles into leads or cash-generating machines, is called StreamPilot.

FE – StreamPilot – $37:
OTO2 – StreamPilot Pro Unlimited – $57:
OTO3 – StreamPilot Affiliate Revenue Maximizer – $77:
OTO4 – StreamPilot DFY High Ticket Agency – $197:

You have:
Access To StreamPilot (FE + OTOs) account.
Your auto-update.

StreamPilot OTO – The Front End

StreamPilot OTO: StreamPilot, a Live Stream Social Sales App that allows anyone to turn their profiles into leads or cash-generating machines, is called StreamPilot.

While you can stream live on other platforms, none of them offer this option.

Video can be embedded with links that encourage viewers to click and buy.

Imagine that you are going to showcase a specific item in your eCom shop.

The Home Shopping Network can host your own live video. When you are ready to sell the item the link will be displayed and paid. The number of shoppable videos in StreamPilot is unlimited.

You can get tons of traffic, boost engagement and sales, dominate physical and digital niches, and even use existing videos… all without ever having to be on camera.

StreamPilot allows you to capture sales on multiple social media platforms without having to go through all the technical hurdles other apps require.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Facebook or Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Instagram, or another major platform, they all want to keep their users’ attention on the platform.

When someone goes live, they send notifications to other users about their LIVE stream.

The LIVE stream will get more exposure the more people watch it and like it. On some platforms, LIVE can be made into a prerecorded video that users can view forever.

This allows anyone who uses StreamPilot to benefit from tons and tons of traffic, and you can use that traffic for your business.

StreamPilot OTO – The Front End features

  • You can go live in real time or simulate live with pre-recorded videos.
  • Make Shoppable Videos Your Audience Will Love.
  • You can run multiple lives simultaneously on multiple platforms (YouTube. Reddit. LinkedIn. Facebook).
  • You can showcase any product or service at live events using customizable players.
  • Get even more traffic for LIVE streaming events social media sharing.
  • All of it is integrated into one easy-to-manage dashboard
  • Embed live streams wherever you have embed code. Your website, blog or ecom store.
  • Talk to potential customers in real-time for all events. This will increase sales and engagement.
  • You can manage your products and create live-stream fashion shows.
  • You can manage your clients and subscribers right from the platform.
  • All major ESPs can be integrated with Autoresponder.
  • You can easily make payments to Stripe or Paypal DIRECTLY from Livestream.
  • For future live streams, we offer in-depth analytics to help you improve your conversions.
  • Your Livestream allows you to capture and store leads and helps you build your list.
  • All your streams can have video hosting.
  • You can send customized offers and promotions directly to your customers.
  • You can customize your Livestream player in full.
  • Shopify, Amazon, and eBay allow you to import products.
  • No store required.
  • You can manage all orders and see fulfillment from within the platform.
  • Private Selling – Invite only certain members to the high-ticket auctions and private selling.
  • Public Selling – Live available to everyone
  • Integration with RTMP platform – allows you to go live on more platforms.
  • Prospects can purchase directly via video, without having to leave the live.
  • You can create customizable channels for you brand.
  • Produce Shoppable videos quickly.
  • Pre-recorded video can be used as live videos
  • You can create podcasts and make them live streaming.
  • Schedule overtime to engage customers and increase sales.
  • To increase product sales and promotes, send notifications (create promos in real time).
  • Built-in shopping cart – saves you money.
  • You can stream courses, events, workshops and more online without having to be present.
  • There is no monthly subscription fee.
  • Intuitive Easy To Use Dashboard.

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StreamPilot OTO
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