Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

We all know how important social marketing is.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are three of the biggest sources of traffic out there. And if you are serious about making your website a success you need to be actively promoting it on all three platforms.

Just imagine if you had popular profiles for your site with hundreds of followers on ALL THREE platforms.

You’d have an audience eager and willing to view your latest content and visit your site every day.

You’d get sales and conversions with no extra effort, and no expenses paying for ads.

Your site would be a guaranteed success and you could sit back, collect the checks and enjoy your success.

Creating a popular Facebook fan page, as well as a popular Instagram and Pinterest profile is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do for your site BY FAR. But HOW do you do it?
You see we know growing Social profiles for your site manually is hard work. We’ve been there…

We tried our hand with word-of-mouth marketing… FAILED!

We bought a shiny new Facebook Ads course and spent $100+ in ad campaigns but never saw that money again… BIG FAIL.

Did you know how expensive it is to promote your site using ads on Facebook + Instagram? See this…

Now if you’d rather have random people Follow your social profiles from various countries like Nigeria, Nepal or China… that is cheap.


It is no way effective and will never bring you good results.

Growing a Social Following to 10,000+ TARGETED followers can cost you a lot of money.

Sometimes it can be as much as $500+ for just a few thousand followers (we learned that after a few costly campaigns)

The fact is, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have a ton of traffic and we all want a piece of that action.

But we don’t want to have to pay a fortune to get it.

But there is ANOTHER WAY!
It is possible to grow followers and get traffic without paying for ads. But to do it you need to POST CONTENT.

A lot of content.

And it needs to be of high quality.

It needs to be regular.

And it has to be the kind of content that your followers will share and engage with.

As Facebook says themselves… “Creating quality evergreen content is what helps grow your fans and increase your organic reach more than any other factors”
But of course, creating content like this yourself is hard work.

It’s time-consuming, it’s boring, it’s repetitive.

I don’t know about you but posting content to Social Profiles for hours every day is not my idea of fun.

And how do you know that you’ll get any traffic back to your site even if you do start to get followers anyway?

So that’s why we thought there has to be a better way.

That’s why we created software to AUTOMATE the whole process for you.
To AUTOMATE posting great content to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and to DRIVE TRAFFIC back to your WordPress site 24/7.

Social Traffic Machine PRO
Social Traffic Machine PRO


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