With three simple steps you can find the most trending keywords to rank for, optimize your video automatically and also create backlinks for your uploaded video, making sure you gonna rank and stick.

Find the Most Trending Keywords

Video Express 2 shows you the most relevant keywords to rank for, the keywords that will get you the best results, saving you time and money

Optimize all the video for you

Video Express 2 gives everything you need to rank, the right title, description and tags that you need to make sure you will get results from the serps but also related videos of yours

Find the best tags

Instantly pull all the tag data you need, giving you the amazing tags that get traffic from related videos, and also give you a boost in ranking instantly

Automatically Create Backlinks

After you upload your video, Video Express 2 will automatically create dozens of backlinks to guarantee your video will rank and stick on the first pages

Get Page One Rankings

We ranked multiple videos on the first page of Google & Youtube and now we have put everything into a single suite that will get you everything done, and will rank any video at the push of a button, just use it, rank and watch the results

Hand Held Training Series

I’m also adding my 3 – Step Ranking Formula to boost your rankings even more. These are the 3 simple steps Video Express 2 uses to rank videos, and you are gonna know exactly how to use each step for maximum results


Video Express 2.0 OTOs
Video Express 2.0 OTOs


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