Best value Client Conversion Machine OTO's

Client Conversion Machine OTO’s


Client Conversion Machine OTO: “How we take free traffic and turn them into $5,000 high ticket buyers with a stupid simple service that someone else provides”

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Client Conversion Machine OTO’s – The Front End

Client Conversion Machine OTO: “How we take free traffic and turn them into $5,000 high ticket buyers with a stupid simple service that someone else provides”

  • ​Get RESULTS Quickly
  • ​No Email List Needed
  • ​No Need To Provide A Service Or Product!
  • ​High Ticket Sales Of $5K +++
  • ​No Hard Selling To Anyone – Ever!
  • 100% FREE Traffic (No Paid Ads)
  • 100% Free Super Qualified BUYERS
  • ​Just Say YES and Copy And Paste What I Do
  • Newbies and ‘Failures’ Are Very Welcome 🙂

A brand-new method that is bulletproof to create leads and convert them into high-value customers and make the difference…That does not need:

Cold calling
– providing services
– Paying for leads
– Hard-selling of all kinds
– there is no need for sales or technical expertise is required never!

Dear struggling marketer,

If you’re reading this, you’re probably exhausted from trying to find ways to earn money online, isn’t it?

Are you fed up with the nonsense and bad products that just fill the pockets of the creators of the product and leave you in a state of confusion ?…

The people with rental cars, fake homes as well as Instagram models filling their pools?

Are you frustrated because regardless of what you do, it doesn’t work and you’re afraid you’ll never get out of your job?

Are you willing to say goodbye to forever do you want to say goodbye??

If yes, keep reading this article as I’m about to discuss with you what my business partners and I came up with an approach that lets anyone (yes even you) is able to start enjoying massive days online from tomorrow with no prior knowledge or experience.

Client Conversion Machine OTO Demo

Module 1: The Journey to the Top Ticket Journey

In this video, Kenny teaches you why High Ticket Services is the only option available to agencies, and also why it’s simpler to shut down and manage clients who are high-priced.

Module 2: High-Ticket Niche Selection

You’ve been through it every time…

“Find something that you’re passionate about”

“Do what you love to do”

“Love your job and never need to do a single thing throughout your lifetime.”

This is ALL BS!

In the second module, Kenny shows you the right way to choose an audience. He also explains how to ensure that the chosen audience is profitable for you in the short and long-term.

Module 3: Knowing Your Market

The process of closing deals that exceed $5,000 can be EASY…

…If you are aware of your selling to. If not it’s virtually impossible to know your customer.

In the third module, Kenny will walk you through a quick process to ensure you’re aware of what your audience is looking for, wants not to want love, and hates. This will make selling more simple than you thought.

Module 4: Locating A Product or Service To Sell

No technical skills are required!

We review the basic services offered by OTHER People that could be purchased for $5,000 or more Every Day!

Once you’ve set it up, you’re done!

Module 5: High Prospecting of Tickets

All Free Traffic! In the 5th module, Kenny goes over how to identify those who might be interested in your product.

Module 6: Assessing Your Candidates

Interest is good but this isn’t enough. The most important thing to have EASY sales with no rejection is to eliminate people who aren’t an ideal match. This is the topic we’ll discuss during Module 6.

Module 7: Closing the Deal

Kenny guides us through the sales team’s closing script, which has been responsible for more than 7 figures of revenue over the last twelve months!

These kinds of scripts are typically available in $5,000+ training programs.

Module 8: Your Daily Actions

The ability to earn income streams of 10 15 20 or even 100 thousand dollars a month is a DAILY action. Spend a couple of hours every day performing these 3 easy steps to take and you’ll be well on your way!

This is What You’ll Find Inside the Client Conversion Machine…

How to begin today with no email address, products, or an idea

How do we obtain FREE Super Qualified Leads

How do you get 100% commission for the funnels that you promote

The “Anyone Can Do It” method of building an offline model for a service provider that is free to implement

The service we offer is extremely simple that doesn’t require any technical expertise and can earn as much as $1500 per month for each client!

Simple steps to take this method and then scaling it to give you job-destroying online results at your leisure

How do you run this system and see results in less time than spending 60 minutes each day in front of your computer?

Additionally, you will have access to all kinds of insider secrets to make money that you’ve never ever.

Client Conversion Machine OTO’s
Client Conversion Machine OTO’s


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