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OTO1 – WP Auto Content Pro                                 – $47: http://wpautocontent.convertri.com/oto1a
OTO2 – WP Auto Monetize                                      – $37: http://wpautocontent.convertri.com/oto2
OTO5 – WP Auto Content (Developers License) – $47: http://wpautocontent.convertri.com/oto5

WP AutoContent OTOs – Get Unlimited Fresh Content on Your Blog on Autopilot

Are you tired of writing blog posts manually? Or are you finding it challenging to create unique and quality content for your website? Worry not because WP Auto Content is here to help you. WP Auto Content is a WordPress plugin that automatically fetches quality content from over 24 different sources. With this plugin, you no longer have to go through the hassle of finding and writing content manually, saving you time and energy.

What is WP Auto Content?

WP Auto Content is a powerful WordPress plugin that automatically fetches quality content from various sources and adds it to your blog. When you install this plugin on your WordPress site, you have the capability to fetch and use content from multiple sources such as RSS feeds, Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, and many more.

One unique feature of the WP Auto Content plugin is that it allows you to create multiple campaigns on each site, providing you with limitless possibilities to populate your website with endless amounts of quality content.

How WP Auto Content Works

WP Auto Content Plugin is super easy and convenient to use. After the installation process, all content is generated through a drag-and-drop interface. When you open the plugin, you can choose to fetch content from the sources mentioned above or manually input keywords, then choose the target category and publish the content. Moreover, you can choose to put Buy Buttons at the end of posts and earn a commission or make product sales.

WP Auto Content provides numerous benefits to its users, making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins that bloggers and website owners can’t live without. Here are some of the reasons why WP Auto Content is a must-have plugin for anyone who wants to have an automated and effective content creation process.

Automatic Content Generation

One of the primary reasons why bloggers and website owners prefer WP Auto Content is that it eliminates the need to write content manually. All content is automatically generated with ease from the configured sources, making it easier to keep your blog up-to-date. This feature is perfect for businesses, marketers, and website owners who want to stay in touch with their audience.

Multiple Content Sources

With WP Auto Content, you have access to over 24 content sources to choose from, making it easier to come up with quality content ideas and reduce writer’s block. You can get content from YouTube videos, Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, and many more content platforms with ease.

Proper Image Placement

Images are essential additions to any blog post as they capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged with the content. WP Auto Content makes it easy to add relevant images to your blog posts automatically. You can choose to use featured images, or you can upload bulk images and use them on all the posts.

Content Spinning

One unique feature of WP Auto Content is that it automatically spins your content using SpinReWriter, WordAI, or BestSpinner. Content spinning ensures that your blog posts are unique and don’t contain any plagiarism. This feature saves you the hassle of researching and writing unique content manually.

Add Buy Buttons

WP Auto Content allows you to add buy buttons at the end of posts making it easier to earn a commission or make product sales. You are not limited to promoting a specific product, but you can promote anything that aligns with your blog’s theme.

In conclusion, WP Auto Content is an excellent investment for bloggers and website owners who are looking for proven and time-saving ways of generating quality and relevant content. With WP Auto Content, you have access to multiple sources of content that you can use to keep your website visitors engaged and informed. Installing this plugin on your WordPress site will save you time, effort, and energy, allowing you to focus on other tasks that matter. Try WP Auto Content today and experience firsthand how effective it is in generating quality automated content.

WP AutoContent OTOs
WP AutoContent OTOs


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