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Trendds + OTOs


[2 Minutes Per Day] Breakthrough Software Unlocks
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You have Trendds FE + OTOs 

FE – Trendds Core – $19: http://trendds.co/live/
OTO1 – Trendds Pro – $39: http://trendds.co/pro/
OTO2 – Trendds Master – $49: http://trendds.co/master/
OTO3 – Trendds Max – $39: http://trendds.co/max/



It literally takes only a few short minutes…

  • The Reality: trendds really do work as quickly as we say it does.. we guarantee it. It’s also ridiculously simple to use… and right now it’s amazingly cheap. Plus, if you’re reading this text today (and you obviously are) it means… we are not charging a monthly subscription to access – You Just Pay TINY fee ONCE!
  • Discover the hottest trending topics and search phrases driving masses of targeted visitors which most marketers and blog owners never know anything about.
  • Get those hidden long-tail phrases (without any searching or research) you can easily rank for these.
  • Enter any niche without knowing anything about it… just drop in the broad niche term, hit search & dominate.
  • Monetize any content you curate and use instantly inside the trends dashboard using 2 ‘Native Ad’ styles methods for passive income (form other people’s content)
  • Build highly targeted niche blogs and fill them with fully monetized trending content
    It’s 99% passive… your complete input is around 2 minutes per day.
  • Many of the phrases you’ll find in seconds are so new due to their trending / viral nature that the big search engines haven’t had time to ascertain the competitiveness – which essentially means high traffic keywords with LOW COMPETITION
  • Find amazing content you can legally curate, monetize and publish (ALL without ever leaving the Trendds dashboard)!
    Supplement your existing blogs and news sites with trending content for more and more traffic
  • Drive more traffic to your Adsense based blogs/sites/news sites… increase your AdSense revenue because people want to read the posts on your site.
  • Develop a brand new trending news site (not specific to any niche) & publish the latest trending news… fill those sites with ads, AdSense and Native Ads (using trends) and watch the results quickly pile up
Trendds + OTOs
Trendds + OTOs


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