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Build Your Affiliate Sites in just 60 SECONDS!

& GET PAID Upto $1200+ PER MONTH in ClickBank Commissions Without Writing Any Content or Any Manual Work

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CB Automator
CB Automator



Clickbank is one of the TOP affiliate networks in the world.

It has over 3000 products across 22 categories that you can promote

and start earning commissions without waiting for any approval.

I personally know at least 30 people who have earned over $100,000+ using Clickbank by simply promoting offers.

Want to know how you can do that too?

Well, it’s not easy, they did put in a lot of hard work…

They created a WordPress site where they post reviews about products launching on Clickbank with their affiliate links.

They regularly create graphics, product demo videos and even thorough review videos.

They work on getting traffic from social media, google search and from their email list.

All that translates into SIX FIGURES A YEAR for them from their sites.

And they started this from ZERO – from a blank site with zero income.


You need to set up a WordPress site.

You need to write articles / a lot of content.

You need to create demo videos

You need to create banners.

You need to add affiliate links etc.

It sounds like a lot of work right?

But what if there was a software that could DO ALL THIS for you in just ONE CLICK?

What if all you had to do was PRESS A BUTTON and your new affiliate site would be launched

without any manual work?

[+] All the content would be automatically published….

[+] All the affiliate links would be automatically added….

[+] All the video demos would be automatically added to your site….

[+] All the images, graphics all done for you without you doing any work.

Sounds impossible right?

Well, not anymore…


A brand new WordPress plugin that creates a fully automated affiliate site for you in just 60 seconds.

Automatically import high commission paying offers from Clickbank.

Gets you AUTOMATIC & GUARANTEED approval to promote these offers.

Complete with Videos, Images and 30 product reviews all done for you. All you have to do is CLICK IMPORT, sit back and watch your review site get ready before you can finish your coffee.

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