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LinguaScribe: Get more organic traffic worldwide with lifelike ai voice-overs, translations & transcriptions

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Explode your market reach 5x with simple automation. Get more organic traffic worldwide with lifelike ai voice-overs, translations & transcriptions – 108 languages, 322 lifelike voices & perfect automation with the most powerful voice & language toolkit.

Attract fresh customers without spending $100s on voice-artists & translators lifelike voiceovers, automated translations and convert narrations-to-text.

  • LinguaScribe explodes your traffic worldwide in just a few clicks
  • Translate your blog articles, sales pages, landing page, social media posts, ads, etc. Into any language.
  • Create voice-overs for your videos and landing pages
  • Turn voiceovers and podcasts blog articles or text in the language of your choice
  • Get traffic for money keywords that you can’t even think about targeting
  • Get high quality leads without outspending your competition.
  • Set-&-forget workflows make conversion into multiple languages and formats one-click
  • Get higher click-through rates by showing up on search terms no one is thinking about
  • Make voice-overs, podcasts, AudioBlogs, narrations & audiobooks
  • Find underexploited customers who your competition can’t reach
  • Rank in local languages with automated local language content
  • Select between scores of life-like voices and accents
  • Go long-tail by feeding google 5x or 8x the amount of content without working extra
  • Web based SAAS, works 24/7 from any computer
  • Appear in local language directories, collections and search engines with local language content
  • Free automatic upgrades for 1-year

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LinguaScribe + OTO
LinguaScribe + OTO


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