LetImpact Pro OTOs


Are You Struggling With Getting People To Your Offers That Are Willing Buy?
Double Your Sales With Viral Contests & Convert Visitors 3X Faster!
An ALL-IN-ONE Application That

FE – LetImpact Elite – $32 : http://letimpact.com/
OTO 1 – LetImpact Pro – $77 : http://letimpact.com/sales-oto1/
OTO3 – LetImpact GrowtHacks Program – $197: http://letimpact.com/sales-oto3/

LetImpact Pro Features And Benefits

Viral Contests

Put your list building on auto-pilot with viral contest pages and social proof!

Intelligent Call-Out Optimizer
Based on your objective, LetImpact optimizes your Call-Out for you! Simply select on what type of page you want to display the Call-Outs!

Call-Out Preview
Edit your call out the way you want to show them to your visitors and see directly the result on the Call Out Preview window.

Animate Your Call-Outs
Use any of the 5 Call-Outs that you can choose to put MORE Display Power on your pages with this version of LetImpact.

Time Settings
You choose when to display the call out, how long they are displayed and how much time passes between two call-outs.

Redirect To Any URL
LetImpact Call-Outs are Clickable. Use this click wisely and move any visitor closer to the sale!

Software as a Service
LetImpact is a cloud-based service. You have nothing to install, just use your login credentials and you are ready to go!

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Compliant
LetImpact Call-Outs are shown on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Any device will work with LetImpact!

List Building
LetImpact captures all the data that your visitor enters. This way you can sit back and enjoy list building on autopilot!

Analyze any campaign by checking out the LetImpact Reporting feature, so you can optimize your running campaigns.

Click Enticer Module
Use the LetImpact advanced Click Enticer Module to create images to show on your call-out that lets any visitor CLICK!

Simple Install
Just copy/paste one line of code into the <Head> and you are done!

LetImpact Pro OTOs
LetImpact Pro OTOs


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