Gmaps A.I. OTOs


New Cloud Based App Makes It Easy To Find Businesses That Are Willing To Hire You Every Single Month To Perform This One ‘Service’ For Them That They Desperately Need!

Salespage: GMAPS A.I.

So What’s All Included With GMaps A.I.?

First Up Is The User Friendly Gmaps A.I. Dashboard.

When you sign up for GMaps A.I. today, you’ll be taken to the easy user-friendly dashboard. This is where you can access everything necessary to start running your brand new GMaps Neighborhood Ranking service.

But don’t let the ease of use fool you. Underneath this amazing user-friendly dashboard is nothing but the power that helps you get results as quickly as possible. When you combine this with the training included, you’ll be a GMaps A.I. master in no time.

Then There’s The Gmaps A.I. Lead Generation System

You’ll love the fact that all the leads you could ever need is only a click away. That’s right.

The lead gen system inside of GMaps A.I. helps you find tons of local leads in various markets that need help ranking in Google Maps neighborhood. Just enter a few keywords, click a few buttons and you can literally have hundreds of leads at your fingertips in minutes.

There’s Also The Built-In Email And Tracking System.

Remember how I said you wouldn’t need to cold call or walk into a local business to get clients?

This system gives you the exact templates to send and lets you connect directly from your gmail account to ensure maximum open rates!

Also, when a local business responds, the software automatically transfers them to the ‘hot leads’ section in GMaps A.I. to filter them for follow up so you can close the deal!

There’s Also The Gmaps A.I. Ranking System.

With this option, you’ll be able to create rankings for your clients in Google Maps neighborhood easily.

By using a certain set of factors and strategies, you’ll be able to dominate the competition in places where others fail miserably. Unfortunately, we can’t share this strategy here. But the software automates it so you can capture more of the market in as little time as possible.

Just follow the steps we show you (training is included) and let the software do the rest!

Gmaps A.I. OTOs
Gmaps A.I. OTOs


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