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EngageYard OTO: EngageYard is a cloud-based app, makes it easy to create engaging stories for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

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EngageYard OTO – The Front End

EngageYard OTO: EngageYard is a cloud-based app, makes it easy to create engaging stories for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

It’s essential that you find something that will give you an advantage in your online business if you want to achieve the best possible results.

Social media stories are one of the most effective ways to gain a huge advantage in marketing. You can think about this: when you log on to instagram, facebook or twitter, you will always be looking at stories!

Stories are highly engaging. They are fun and the average person spends over 10 minutes per day going through their social stories. 

Did you know? Stories are perfect for promoting anything in any niche: affiliate offers, high-ticket offers, physical products, your own info products, lead generation, consulting services, coaching services, freelance services. There are millions of stories being created every day, so it’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd.

This is the deal: just posting stories on social media is not enough. Stories are proven to be more engaging than posting on social media. If you want to increase your stories’ engagement, you need to do things differently.

You can increase engagement with stories by adding things like interesting articles, fun and exciting videos, thought-provoking gifs, engaging games, engaging quizzes, attention-grabbing surveys, and entertaining videos.

Unfortunately, adding these things to your stories to make them more engaging is difficult, time-consuming, and requires technical skills. It’s good news that they have been using social stories to build targeted lists and generate high-ticket affiliate sales for the past two years.

But, they wanted to get even better results, save time, and deploy more stories for better results. They created a powerful app to make it easy to maximize your results using Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook stories.

EngageYard OTO – The Front-end Features

  • Create Campaigns in Just a Few Clicks. Simply log in to the cloud-based software and follow the prompts to create a winning campaign.
  • Add Unlimited Screens and Steps to Any Campaign: EngageYard gives you the freedom to create any type of campaign, simple or complicated.
  • Quizzes for Massive Engagement: Use quizzes in your stories to get massive engagement.
  • Amazing ‘Done For You’ Videos: These videos are sure to grab attention and boost engagement.
  • Engaging “Done For You” GIFs: GIFs are engaging, fun, engage, make people laugh and eventually go viral. With just a few clicks, you can add them directly to your stories.
  • Add Opt In Forms: Create huge lists of premium leads in any niche and add opt-in forms for any story.
  • Increase Sales with Interactive Calls to Action
  • 1000G Storage: You don’t have to limit the storage space that you use when building your campaigns.
  • Add text overlays easily: You can add attention-grabbing text overlays in your stories to communicate with your audience in any way that you like – without any programming.
  • Increase conversion with countdown timings: Countdown timers can be added to your campaigns to increase conversion and make more money.
  • Custom branding with no technical skills: Change the look, feel and colors of any story without any design or technical experience.
  • Add social media thumbnails: Increase your campaign’s visibility by including social media thumbnails
  • Get 2,000 Premium Leads per Month: Generate massive leads with premium leads, without hard work.
  • Share your campaigns on social media for free with just one click: Share your stories to social media and get viral traffic.
  • Embed Your Campaign Easily: Get more traffic and attention to your campaigns wherever you like.
  • Import 2000 Email Lists: Get 2,000 email lists for massive brand growth.
  • Sub users for easy outsourcing: EngageYard allows you to save time and add sub users.
  • Integration with Aweber, Convertkit and Benchmark. 1-click integration with all major email marketing apps
  • 50 Chatbots per Month: Create unlimited chatbots and engage your audience faster.

EngageYard OTO – The Demo

EngageYard OTO
EngageYard OTO


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