FTC Disclosure for OTOCheap.com

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides guidelines on how to disclose material connections between advertisers and endorsers

Affiliate Links and Commissions

OTOCheap.com may include affiliate links for the products we review, which means that we may receive a commission if you click on the link and purchase the product. We only recommend products that we believe to be useful and beneficial to our readers, which is why we take the time to research and review each product thoroughly. Our reviews showcase the pros and cons of the products and their OTOs to help our readers make informed decisions.

It is important to note that using our affiliate links will not cost you any additional amount. We may earn a commission from your purchase, but this does not affect the price of the product you buy.

FTC Guidelines for Affiliate Marketing

The FTC guidelines state that any material connection that we have with a product or company must be disclosed. This means that as a reader, you have the right to know if we have any financial relationship with the products we review. To comply with the FTC guidelines, we disclose our affiliations in the following ways:

Affiliation Disclosure: We include a disclaimer statement at the top of each product review that clearly indicates whether or not we have an affiliation with the product or company.

Affiliate Link Disclosure: We label our affiliate links with a disclosure statement so that our readers are aware that it is an affiliate link. This disclosure statement may be alongside the link or on the relevant product review page.

Our Motivation

At OTOCheap.com, our main motivation is to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased information on digital products and their OTOs. We believe that transparency in our affiliations will help us build trust with our readers, which is essential for the sustainability of our website.

Our reviews are based on our own testing of the products and extensive research, so we take pride in the quality and usefulness of our content. We also appreciate feedback from our readers as it helps us improve our content and better serve our audience.

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