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AIStaffs OTOs: AIStaffs offers a total of four One-Time Offers (OTOs) after the Front-End (FE) main product. These OTOs provide additional features and functionalities to enhance the AIStaff’s experience. The OTOs are named OTO1: AIStaffs Unlimited, OTO2: AIStaffs PLUS, OTO3: AIStaffs Enterprise, and OTO4: AIStaffs Expansion. Each OTO brings unique benefits to users who want to further optimize their AI-powered automation. AIStaffs was created by Abhi Dwivedi. For more details about each OTO, please check out the provided links.

AIStaffs OTO

All AIStaffs OTO Links Below

AIStaffs OTOs are upgrades that require the FE version to function. If you haven’t purchased the FE yet, that should be your first pick. Once you have it, you can upgrade your AIStaffs with one or more OTOs.

Get a discount on AIStaffs using the following coupon codes: FE (Front-End): Use coupon code “staffs” to get $2 off after the early bird period. Bundle Deal (Includes Both FE & OTOs): Use coupon code “staffbundle” to get a $50 discount.

AIStaffs Bundle Deal (Includes Both FE & OTOs)
==> AIStaffs Bundle
FE (Front-End)
==> AIStaffs FE
OTO1: AIStaffs Unlimited
==> AIStaffs OTO1
==> AIStaffs OTO2
OTO3: AIStaffs Enterprise
==> AIStaffs OTO3
OTO4: AIStaffs Expansion
==> AIStaffs OTO4

What is Called the AIStaffs?

AIStaffs is an innovative AI-powered platform that offers businesses the ability to automate a wide range of online tasks. From digital marketing and e-commerce to customer support and content creation, AIStaffs provides a customizable solution tailored to meet various business needs.

With a team of 33+ unique AI staff members (50+ in the Bundle), each with their own areas of expertise, AIStaffs allows businesses to save time and money while achieving outstanding results. Let’s delve deeper into the main features of AIStaffs and explore the exciting One-time Offers (OTOs) available to further enhance your AI-powered capabilities.

Main Offer: AIStaffs Commercial ($47)

AIStaffs’ main offer provides an array of powerful features to transform the way you handle your business tasks. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect:

  • Commercial Usage License: Gain full commercial rights to utilize AIStaffs’ capabilities for your business needs.
  • Access to 33 AI Staff: Benefit from a diverse range of AI staff members, each equipped with unique skills and expertise.
  • 10,000 Credits Monthly: Enjoy a generous allocation of 10,000 credits per month, ensuring you have sufficient resources to get your tasks done.
  • Multi-language Support: Communicate with AI staff in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, French, and German, enabling seamless international operations.
  • 2-Way Conversation: Engage in intuitive Siri/Alexa-like conversations with your AI staff, simplifying task delegation and efficient communication.
  • Working Hours Setup: Customize the working hours of your AI staff to align with your business needs and preferences.
  • Conversation History and Search: Access and search through your entire conversation history, making it easy to retrieve information or refer back to previous interactions.
  • Download Replies as Docs: Download and save AI staff responses as documents for easy reference or further editing.
  • 1-Click Tasks – DFY: Benefit from ready-to-use, one-click tasks that streamline common business processes, saving you time and effort.
  • Hire & Fire AI Staff Anytime: Have the flexibility to hire or fire AI staff members according to your evolving requirements.
  • Hire up to 20 AI Staff: Expand your team by hiring up to 20 AI staff members, allowing you to scale your operations effectively.
  • Embed AI Staff on Your Websites: Integrate AI staff members seamlessly into your websites, providing personalized and instant assistance to your visitors.
  • Customize AI Staff’s Response Tone: Tailor the response tone of your AI staff to match your brand’s voice and style.
  • Co-hire or Lease Your AI Team/Staff: Collaborate with other businesses or lease your AI staff to generate additional revenue streams.
  • Fully Encrypted AI Staff Chat: Ensure the privacy and security of your conversations with end-to-end encryption.
  • Dedicated Support & Regular Updates – 12 months: Receive prompt assistance and updates from the AIStaffs team to optimize your experience.
  • Detailed Training Included: Access comprehensive training materials in video and PDF formats to maximize your utilization of AIStaffs’ features.
  • 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee: Try AIStaffs risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to explore its capabilities and determine if it’s the right fit for your business.
  • BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR: How to Make Fast Cash Using AIStaffs!: Gain exclusive access to a bonus training webinar that provides insights and strategies for leveraging AIStaffs to generate fast cash.

AIStaffs OTO1 – Unlimited ($97/yr)

Unleash the Power of Unlimited AI Staff with AIStaffs Unlimited

The first OTO, AIStaffs Unlimited, removes limitations on hiring AI staff, allowing you to add unlimited AI employees to your account. This OTO opens up a world of possibilities by providing access to a wider range of specialized skills and services. With AIStaffs Unlimited, you can take your automation capabilities to new heights, expand your team as your business grows, and unlock even greater efficiency and productivity.

Key Features of AIStaffs Unlimited:

  • Remove limitations on hiring AI staff and add unlimited AI employees to your account.
  • Access an expanded pool of specialized skills and services.
  • Scale your operations and handle an increasing workload effortlessly.
  • Unlock greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your AI-powered tasks.
  • Embrace unlimited growth potential and adapt to changing business needs seamlessly.

AIStaffs OTO2 – PLUS ($67)

Enhance Customization and Rebranding with AIStaffs PLUS

AIStaffs PLUS offers an array of advanced features to take your AI automation to the next level. This OTO provides access to 16 additional AI staff members, enabling you to expand your capabilities further. Additionally, AIStaffs PLUS allows you to build and train custom AI staff, empowering you to create personalized experiences for your customers. Furthermore, the rebranding and encryption features enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Key Features of AIStaffs PLUS:

  • Access 16 additional AI staff members with unique expertise.
  • Build and train custom AI staff to cater to your specific business requirements.
  • Rebrand AI staff profiles to align with your brand identity.
  • Encrypt AI staff conversations for enhanced privacy and security.
  • Deliver personalized experiences to your customers, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

AIStaffs OTO3 – Enterprise ($67)

Unlock Agency-Level Capabilities with AIStaffs Enterprise

AIStaffs Enterprise takes your business to new heights by offering agency Whitelabel functionality, team and client access features, a readymade enterprise website, and bonus materials. This OTO equips you with the tools necessary to scale your operations, attract clients, and provide top-notch services. With AIStaffs Enterprise, you can establish your agency, expand your clientele, and tap into new revenue streams.

Key Features of AIStaffs Enterprise:

  • Agency Whitelabel functionality for branding the platform as your own.
  • Team and client access features to collaborate and manage projects effectively.
  • A readymade enterprise website with hosting and promotion tools to establish your agency’s online presence.
  • Bonus materials, including FB ad and copy templates, and a guide to free ad credits.
  • Unleash your agency’s potential, attract clients, and generate additional revenue streams.

AIStaffs OTO4 – Expansion ($127/yr)

Tap into Expert Marketing Advice with AIStaffs Expansion

AIStaffs Expansion connects you with 21 marketing experts who provide personalized advice and support in areas such as marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning. With this OTO, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience to propel your marketing efforts forward. Leverage the expertise of marketing professionals and take your business to new heights of success.

Key Features of AIStaffs Expansion:

  • Access to 21 marketing experts offering personalized advice and support.
  • Receive guidance in areas such as marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning.
  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience to optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with expert insights and industry best practices.
  • Boost your marketing efforts and achieve exceptional results.

FAQs about AIStaffs OTOs

Can I really add unlimited AI staff to my account with AIStaffs Unlimited?

Absolutely! With AIStaffs Unlimited, you can break free from limitations and hire as many AI employees as you need. Whether you require a small army of AI staff or want to expand your team exponentially, this upgrade allows you to unlock the full potential of AIStaffs without any restrictions.

Can I customize and train my own AI staff with AIStaffs PLUS?

Yes, indeed! AIStaffs PLUS empowers you to unleash your creativity by building and training custom AI staff. Tailor their responses, tone, and personality to align with your brand’s unique voice. You have the power to create an AI team that truly resonates with your business and customers.

How can AIStaffs Enterprise benefit my agency?

AIStaffs Enterprise takes your agency to new heights! Not only does it provide Whitelabel features for a seamless client experience, but it also includes a readymade enterprise website with hosting and promotion tools. Additionally, you’ll receive valuable bonus materials like FB ad and copy templates and a guide to free ad credits, giving your agency a competitive edge.

What kind of personalized support can I expect from the marketing experts in AIStaffs Expansion?

The marketing experts in AIStaffs Expansion are here to supercharge your success! They offer personalized advice and support in areas such as marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning. You’ll have access to their expertise to fine-tune your marketing efforts and achieve outstanding results.

Can I save money by getting the AIStaffs Bundle instead of purchasing FE and OTO separately?

Absolutely! The AIStaffs Bundle is the ultimate cost-saving solution. Instead of buying FE and OTO individually, the bundle combines them all at a special price. By opting for the bundle, you’ll get access to the full suite of AIStaff features, enhancements, and bonuses, all while keeping more money in your pocket.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of AI Automation with AIStaffs and Its OTOs

AIStaffs empowers businesses to automate a wide range of online tasks, revolutionizing the way they operate and saving time and resources. With a team of 33+ unique AI staff members, businesses can leverage their expertise to achieve outstanding results in areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, customer support, and content creation.

The OTOs offered by AIStaffs further enhance the capabilities of the platform, allowing businesses to unlock unlimited AI staff, customize and rebrand profiles, tap into agency-level features, and access expert marketing advice. These OTOs provide businesses with the tools and resources necessary to scale their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve remarkable success.

By embracing AIStaffs and its OTOs, businesses can harness the power of AI automation, streamline their processes, and take their operations to new heights. Experience the future of business automation with AIStaffs and witness the transformative impact it can have on your organization.

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